Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring has sprung.

Oh my goodness, the weather has been gorgeous. Our winter has been a very mild one, although we've had a couple bad storms. But NOW...oh heavens...the redwing blackbirds are back and calling cheerfully. We've got snowdrops and crocuses out, with new shoots pushing forward with promises of yet more flowers to come.

William was full of beans yesterday when he came over, and he wanted to be outside, outside, OUTSIDE. And so we were. We built a volcano. We planned a picnic supper with a volcanic eruption for entertainment. We walked to the library. He danced along with his cricket clicker  wondering aloud if the sound of it would wake the other crickets up from their winter sleep. He explained to me when it was safe to cross the street. He was interested in berries and drains and stones. He was excited to see a motorcycle cruise by. He selected his book and then we headed home again.

We had our picnic and we made the volcano erupt which was fascinating to him, and then he and his mama left. Grandpa and I had work to do at the new house.

We are working on the drains there that catch the run off from the roof. The water is not draining away from the basement as it should be, and so Tim has them dug up and we are redoing them. I noticed the neighbor standing at the corner of his garage with a very angry look on his face. I looked back and he shook his head and went away.

Tim went to mix up some mortar in the garage, and I applied a coat of water proofing to the foundation as a precaution. Laying flat on my stomach, I was surprised to hear the voice of my angry neighbor right at my side. "What seems to be the problem?" he demanded.

I sat up. "What problem?"

He demanded to know what the hole was all about. Cautiously, I said, "Well, we've got a drainage problem that we are fixing." He snarled, "...and you've got every drain in my house backing up!"

I said, "That's impossible..." and he snapped back, "I never had a problem until I saw you digging over here."

I looked at him patiently. "Your house is on the other side of that garage, right?" (and about 80 feet away, and catty cornered at that...) and he said, very aggressively, "That's right, and you've screwed up my drains."

I said, "Well, you'll have to get yourself a lawyer, because this is impossible."

He didn't know what to make of that, but it did not stop him. He blustered on.

I finally got a chance to explain it to him. I pointed. "The drainage we're addressing is the run-off from the roof. This has nothing to do with the drains inside the house at all." I didn't bother to explain that all three bathrooms and the kitchen in our house have been gutted. We have no running water inside the house and won't until we reinstall the new fixtures.

He knows we're not the problem, but he saw a chance to bluster and threaten. He's going to have to pay a plumber to come in a cut the tree roots away like everyone else in the area. He scowled at me. "That's all I needed to know!" and he stormed off just as angrily as he had approached. I watched him go.

Later he sat in his garage gunning his motorcycle engine. Guess he showed us.

Some people bring joy when they come. Others bring it when they leave.