Wednesday, February 3, 2016

She Was

I recognized the name in the death notice right away. Probably most people did. If they didn't, they'd have recognized the face.

She always looked like a bag lady, but she wasn't poor, not if you believed everything that you were told about her. Not if you knew where she lived.

Her home was architecturally interesting, but unfinished and cluttered. I looked across the iron fence at it often since we lived on the same street and I am a walker too. I like to daydream, and it was fun to daydream about what could be done with a place like that.

Her car was parked in front and filled with papers and junk. I never saw her driving. She either walked or caught a ride with others.

She would sit at McDonalds for hours with her coffee collecting free refills while reading the free newspapers. I imagine that she bought a sandwich or something from time to time, but truth be told, I never saw her do that. Just the coffee while she read those newspapers.

She'd button-hole lawyers for free legal device, and she would not back down. I'd watched it once. The lawyer was flustered, stammering a little, while this short little woman just kept at him.

Everywhere she went, she was arguing for discounts or cheaper prices, and she just would not back down.

Actually, she was one of those people that employees sort of dreaded to see coming. She could keep at you forEVER. She'd just claim not to understand you (she had a foreign accent- Polish? German?) and keep on arguing.

I saw that death announcement in the paper, and I was anxious to read the obituary which was to be printed when available.

So who was she? Where was she born? Was she really the widow of a prominent doctor? What kind of life makes a person like that?

Except that there has not yet been an obituary.

Did she have a family? Is there anyone to mourn her?

I find myself feeling badly for that elderly lady, the one that made employees groan a little when they saw her coming.


Kelly said...

Now you have me curious, too. I hope you'll fill us in if a full obit ever appears.

Sad on so many levels.

jeanie said...

I need to know also!! I had a conversation with her, I am sure, at the produce section of a supermarket in San Diego - she was collecting onion skins because she remembered a remedy for arthritis - or was it dementia?