Monday, January 25, 2016

Mothers and their Daughters

I was reading a friend's post. She lost her mother last year, and although they were not close, she grieved.

I understood.

My own mother is gone, and any chance that we had to see things a new way went to her grave with her.

You make your peace with that, and you do it the best you can.

On the second floor, tucked way in a little corner at the entrance of the third floor, I have a little nook. There are shelves with books. There is a desk. On that desk sits my mother's Smith-Corona typewriter, something that she got when she was in high school 60 years ago. Scattered about the space are things that remind me of her, or things that are hers, and they are mingled in with things that I love.

It is a quiet room, and when I go up to water the plants, it is nice to take a moment to sit on the wicker settee. There is no sound but the soft ticking of an old clock.

It seems appropriate.


Mrs. Spit said...

Ahh. Yes. My mother's favourite houndstooth blazer hangs off my closet door.

Kelly said...

I have many things of my mother's... from kitchen items to the dress she wore when she got married hanging in the back of my closet (nothing fancy - it was war time).

I can't believe she will have been gone 40 years in May. Even longer for my dad. Time flies.

Bob said...

There you are! I've been checking every so often and so glad I checked today! My in-laws are both 87 and have JUST moved into a retirement community (they, ahem, decided it was time). They're getting rid of a lot of stuff, stuff my wife is not sure she wants, but I have told her that one day she will be surprised at what will bring her comfort.

Debby said...

What surprises me is the things that do bring comfort. I still get happy thoughts when I pull her round cake pans out of the cupboard.