Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Did I tell you that we sold a house?


We did.

And did I tell you that we bought another?


We did.

We are in the middle of another rehab, and this one is mine. It is a very nice ranch style home. The appliances are delivered, and so are the kitchen cabinets. We have gutted two bathrooms with one more waiting for us.

I think about the people who will live there some day as I am working on it, and it makes me happy.


Kelly said...

You've been away from posting too long which would explain why we didn't know! Then again, considering what we now know, it explains why you might not have had time to post. ;)

Bob said...

Oh my, how envious I am of those who possess the skills you have. Were I to attempt to "gut" a bathroom, well, let's just say the plumbing bill would negate any savings from doing it myself.

Debby said...

Bob, I simply follow the directions of the 'real' expert. Tim knows what to do, and I listen well. But, to impress you, I attacked old linoleum with a blow torch. I got it all removed. The house still stands.