Friday, October 30, 2015


So this is the Victorian bed that Tim and I have our eye on for the spare bedroom. He's going to see if he can get it tomorrow first thing in the morning, if it is not snapped up by someone else.

If we can't get it, well, I'll console myself with the sweetest little 5 1/2 inch German 8 day key wound torsion clock that I got for $7. I'm easy.

PS: Tim got there today and bought not only the bed but the matching marble top dresser. I was a little surprised. He said, "Well, the dresser needs to match." Yes. It does. I thought that, but was embarrassed to say because the bed was kind of pricey. Can't wait to get a mattress set and get it all set up.


Kelly said...

Glad you got it - it's lovely!

Bush Babe said...

Yep... can picture myself in that bed... once the clothes are gone of course!

Debby said...

LOL, BB. Honest to pete, I thought you had plans to jump in that bed with no clothes on...heads off to get more coffee.

jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha ha (at the above exchange)