Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the other side.

It amazes me the difference a job can make.

It's embarrassing to admit, but the pharmacy did not work out. It is the only job that I have ever worked that I left after giving a two day notice. In April, I received a raise that I'd been promised the previous August. A raise that was, after repeated questioning, finally promised in writing in October. As soon as I finally got that long awaited raise in April, my hours were cut from 40 to 30 hours per week.

That was the final straw.

I went back to what I know. I am working with the developmentally disabled. It is a 'fit'. I am happy in my job. I am earning a livable wage. I enjoy my clients, and I receive positive feedback from my superiors.

I also look back at the last couple years and realize that I've been dealing with a pretty heavy duty depression.

I don't know why that should be, that a job determines so much of my feelings of worth, but it does.

But I'm starting to love life again. I am a pretty blessed woman.


Caroline said...

Don't hesitate to get treatment for depression. You think it may be from your job, but it could be caused by all sorts of things, including breast cancer and other health ailments. I made that mistake for many years. Hugs to you.

Snoskred said...

It sounds like that place wasn't good for you in a multitude of ways.

One lesson I have learned from my 20 years of work - when a place treats you badly, every aspect of your life suffers as a result.

Even though you might not see it with your eyes, even though people who notice a change in you might not speak it out loud to you, there are tiny little ripples caused by that "being treated badly" pebble being thrown into your lake.

Good for you getting out of there, and fingers crossed going forward that you'll be treated better. :)

Kelly said...

I hope you can find happiness now, Debby. You certainly deserve it. Or maybe I should say contentment. I've learned they're not necessarily the same.

I thought I commented on your last post. Maybe I'm going to your spam. Hopefully this will make and through and you'll get this ((hug)).

Bob said...

So, so good to hear from you. God is faithful. Am I right?

jeanie said...

I know of what you speak so much...

Glad you are feeling like you are on the other side :)

KarenTX said...

I do believe that is your "niche". You certainly seem to enjoy it and I know the patients are enriched by having you to care for them.