Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Special moment

Today was another busy day, but it does, for the first time, feel as if there is a glimmer of hope that we're turning a corner. I hope so. I really hope so. In any case, there were a lot less angry people today, which was a relief.

In any case, I was working away when a very elderly couple made their way to the register. Watching them, I saw right away that the woman had some serious cognitive loss, but her husband stood at her side and waited patiently as she tried to explain to me what she wanted. I asked my questions, and waited for her to answer them, which she was able to do.

I looked at the lady behind her, and saw no impatience on her face, so I continued to be patient with my customer. She couldn't remember how to swipe her credit card. She was puzzled at the buttons. All kind of small confusions, but we talked through it, and we got the job done. In the end, she fixed me with a look, and thanked me for being so patient with her. "Between the two of us, we got it figured out just fine!" I said.

When the lady behind them approached the counter, I started to say, "I want to thank YOU for your graciousness!" At the same time she said, "Thank you! That was just beautiful to watch."

We looked at each other, and smiled. That couple gave two people a special moment today.


Donna said...

Great little story.

ellie k said...

My husband takes care of two ninth year old women and his mother, they are in assisted living but he does shopping, banking, bill paying and makes sure they have no wants. It takes a lot of patience at times but the reward is well worth it. He is cancer free for two and one half years now, we are so blessed, we can never give backs enough.

Kelly said...

Stories like this always brighten my day and I'm glad the second woman let you know how important your role can be. Kindness is vital.

There might be a lot of cranky customers out there, but there is a proportionate number of cranky folks behind the counter. I know - I often encounter them. At least yesterday's cashier at WalMart complained openly about not liking the cloth bags I always use. I thanked her for that given an experience I had once before in which the girl and her friend (helping her bag) must have thought I was either too deaf or too stupid to understand what they were mumbling about me.

Bob said...

Special moment indeed. Glad you shared it.

jeanie said...

We had a blessed moment yesterday in a small shop we visited on our way home - there are angels who walk among us.

quid said...

Life's good when you think about moments like that.