Thursday, September 25, 2014


Tim's company is having a slow time which is scheduled to pick up after the first of the year. They offered 'furloughs' to those who want to take it. Two month furloughs. There is no pay involved, but they will keep his health insurance up to date. Tim called me at break to ask what I thought.

This is what I thought. We have been working brutally hard, both of us. It feels like we never see each other, because we work different shifts. If he's not at work, or I'm not at work, we've got other work going on. I'm tired. I know he's tired. We've got two major rehabs going on, with a third one in the works. I said, "Take it Tim. Take a break. We'll be careful with money. We both need some together time."

I think that he was a little shocked at my quick answer. The goal has been right along for me to continue work, and for him to quit work and work at the houses full time. Two months will be a very good chance to see how close we are to that goal.

I am also very much looking forward to spending time with my husband.


Bob said...

Great decision! I think you have to see this as an unexpected gift. Now you need to make sure your Tim doesn't work too much during his furlough!

Debby said...

Sadly, it does not look as if he will get his furlough. His job is considered 'vital'. I am very disappointed.

Bush Babe said...

Darn it all!
Maybe you both need a furlough. So you can travel. Just sayin'.