Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Super Hero bites the Dust

So, today at school there was super hero day, and William helped craft himself a red cape with a "w" on the back of it. "Super William" enjoyed that cape something awful and spent the day leaping tall building blocks with a single bound, being 'bwave'. He kept a eye peeled for anyone who might need 'wescued', and like all the best super heroes, he used the potty.

After work, William had supper with me, and he still had on his red cape with the big W on the back. He wore it to the brick house to do some work.

I shoveled for a time, but it was not long before Super William was pretty upset with the black flies outside, and so we came indoors. As I worked on some wallpaper removal, he noticed a spider web and began to get emotional about it.

I tried to appeal to him from a whimsical standpoint. "Do you see the very busy spider in that web?" He said, "No. The spider is hiding. It is going to get me." I assured him that it would not. He assured me that it would. Finally, from atop my ladder, I said, "Super heroes don't cry about spiders!" in an incredulous voice.

I looked down at him as he pondered this in a considering sort of way. He looked up at me and said very matter of factly, "I don't want to wear my cape anymore. I don't like it."


Bush Babe said...

Gorgeous. I, too, often wish to take off the 'super' cape I thoughtlessly assume at times. I understand completely William.

jeanie said...

Aww! We have a real princess (in the pea-aversion sense) here with her cloak that does a fantastic "Let it Be" rendition that would make a great playmate for your superhero, I imagine.

Right down to the stereo surrender of the cloak at the end of the day...

Kelly said...

Such a cute story! (bless his little super hero heart)

KarenTX said...

LOLOL Love the Will stories!