Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A day that would make a preacher swear...

What a day. What a DAY! WHAT a daaaaaaaaaaay.

It started out with that subpoena I received last night. I went to the district magistrate's office, as per the instructions. The lady there said, "Well, we sent these out with the wrong address. You're supposed to be at the court house, sorry about that," and went on talking to the other woman.
I really try not to be grumpy, but I hopped back into my car and hightailed it over to the courthouse, and there was a sure and certain grumpiness starting.

I walked into the courthouse which is a huge building, with no idea where I was supposed to be. Luckily, I met the sheriff who gave me good instructions. I got to where I was supposed to be just in the nick of time and discovered that a friend was handling things. "Laurie," I said, "I hate to be a whiner, but I am not happy about this. I received this when I got home from work last night at 6 pm, and that is pretty short notice." Her eyebrows went up and she said, "Well, that is going to be discussed..."

Much to my surprise, it WAS handled and promptly. The police looked at it and took responsibility for their end of it (incorrect phone number was from their dispatch) and the delay in getting it to me was because they had tried to contact me by phone for a week before breaking down and bringing it to my house.

I had called the police on a fight next door that spilled out into the street. A ball bat was being wielded and there was much screaming and swearing. The young man has been in trouble for most of his life, w/ 3 arrests on 9 counts since the beginning of 2014. This time around, he stole money from a girl's hand, took off running, w/ the girl and her boyfriend in hot pursuit. He threatened them with brass knuckles. They returned to their car and called the police, which is when the second debacle happened, with the young man's twin brother getting involved. That is when I called the police. I explained to them that I was not a very good witness and could only testify to the screaming and swearing and the sound of that ball bat thumping and thumping. I did not think it prudent to go outside and investigate.

After all of that, turns out that the public defender had just found out that he had this case just yesterday and needed more time to prepare, so it was continued. I probably will not be called again, which is just fine with me since the whole thing was a waste of my time, really.

I went to work.

Dashed out to pick up my altered dress. Tried it on w/o a full length mirror, since I met her at the firehall where she was working. It felt big, but she assured me that it looked nice. I got home and looked at myself in a full length mirror and cried. I called her, got her answering machine, and resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to spend more money to buy another dress. In what has to be the quickest shopping expedition for a mother of the groom dress, I picked out a dress in the wedding colors and hied back home. In the meantime, the seamstress had called, asking me to return. I did. She made the alterations on the spot, bless her heart. I was correct. She forgotten two seams which were still marked, but unsewn. Now I have two dresses. If it's not raining, it's pouring.

Thrown into that is a gift card that gives you a balance when you call the customer line, but tells you that you have a 0 balance when you try to use it at the store (which is deucedly embarrassing), well, today was about as aggravating a day as you can have.

I got home to discover that my sister had been and gone, and I wanted to sit down and have a cry. If ever was a day when I needed to have a pleasant visit with my sister, well, today was it.


Kelly said...


I really need to make time to sit down and write you.

jeanie said...

Oh what a muddle-up day. How - just how pfffft.

Here is to a better tomorrow.

ellie k said...

My Mom used to say "you could make a preacher swear"when someone got her upset, usually me. That is about as near as she came to swearing.

KarenTX said...

This week will be great! I can see it in your future! Our County built a huge Justice Center. All the courts, the DA's office and the District Clerk's office have been there for 4 years. Guess where potential jurors still come, milling around in the parking lot, lost and confused because the old jury assembly building has been demolished. Yep, I and many of the people who work here, give directions to the "new" court complex. Course, there's always a few, that when you ask "Do you know where the Sheriff's Office is?", say yes and you wonder if they had a personal experience with the SO! LOL