Thursday, May 29, 2014

Story Time

I had a request for a story, and so I went to the classroom shelf to look at the books. We settled on "Suppose You Meet a Dinosaur", which kept the kids well and truly entertained with its rhyming story line "Your shopping cart begins to spin and dings the dino on the shin. She roars a terrifying roar, What do you tell the dinosaur?" Since this is a book on manners, the proper answer is (of course) "I'm sorry."

As I flipped through the books, though, I came to an old one: 'Make Way for Ducklings'. I remembered being seated on a mat for a story time long ago, hearing a teacher reading that story to us. For a woman with a memory like a sieve, I remembered distinctly that I was already familiar with the story having heard Captain Kangaroo reading it. The memory was so clear to me, Captain Kangaroo's quiet voice reading Robert McCloskey's gentle story.

Strange, isn't it? I held that book for a moment, caressing the Caldecott medal embossed on the front and I remembered distinctly what it was like to be five.

My nostalgic moment did not last long. It couldn't. I was surrounded by five year olds who wanted to hear about meeting a dinosaur in a grocery store. I shelved that old book, and I sat down on a mat, and once again, it was story time.


ellie k said...

I must have missed it but are you teaching school now? I love hearing how much the kids like books, reading is a whole new world.

Kelly said...

I love moments like these.

Memories can be precious.

KarenTX said...

LOL I immediately thought of Captain Kangaroo!

jeanie said...

Thank you, Ms Debby

quid said...

In the box of each of my children's keepsakes... they each have a copy of Make Way for Ducklings. One of those fine memories.

They'll probably laugh when they open those boxes in 20 years or so. I hope they will.

When I read this, I went and checked to make sure that each of their copies were safe, and fell in love with the book again. I hadn't remembered Capt Kangaroo reading from my own childhood, but it would be hard to imagine I'd missed it.