Friday, May 2, 2014

Singing a different tune.

William loves to sing. His favorite tune is the Darth Vader theme. Although it has no words, he lustily sings out 'Da da da DA da da da da DAAAA!' It took me a bit to figure it out. It's so repetitive and he was so precise. It never varied. I figured he was trying to sing something. It made me laugh out loud when I finally recognized it. For the record, he also does Chewbacca, a "3CPO", and R2D2 imitations.

So every day we sing. He amazes me with his memory. His current favorite song is 'I've Been Working On The Railroad'. We sing it in the car, and we really belt it out. He really enjoys it, and as soon as we sing it through once, he asks to sing it again.

I caught myself singing with him in the grocery store the other day. Not loud, not like we sing in the car, but he asked to sing, and I absentmindedly sang with him as I picked out fresh fruit.

I realized that a couple people were smiling at me. I was a little surprised to find myself smiling back. I wasn't embarrassed.

I wasn't embarrassed.

For as long as I remember, I've been embarrassed about one thing or another. I've come to accept my extreme self consciousness as just how I am. But I was 56 years old and a couple days ago, I got caught singing in the local Aldi's, and I did not feel embarrassed.

I'm not sure why.

You know, I don't remember singing with my kids. I wish that I had.


Kelly said...

My mother sang to me, I sang to my kids, and I've sung to my grandkids. I don't sing in the shower....I hum. I also find myself humming under my breath in public all the time. And you know what? I really don't care! (of course I have plenty of other insecurities, but I won't get into that here)

Bob said...

Oh my gosh I've sung in one place or another my entire life. There's a time and place for everything and we always followed the no-singing-at-the-table rule -- well, usually -- but there's hardly anywhere singing is not appropriate at a certain time. William will remember and cherish the times he sang w his grandmother.

Anonymous said...

You paint a lovely pic Deb. Wish I could do that. I was discouraged as a child and don't have my singing 'muscles' developed enough for it. I will try to remind myself to sing today. Thanks. Barbx

jeanie said...

Paris is currently enamored of "Let it Go" - apparently she was in the supermarket with V - Green Shirt, Black and White Striped Leggings, Ladybug Gumboots and Purple Beanie - belting it out with no embarrassment (and she is a girl who will turn herself inside out for fear of embarrassment)

quid said...

What a wonderful memory this will be for him someday. My memories are littered with times that Andrea and I sang together, and particularly my singing history with Tom, who loved a children's folksinger called "Raffi" when he was a toddler. We two memorized most of his songs and sang along lustily each day on our way to day care and work. I can still recite every word to "Baby Beluga" (Raffi was an environmentalist), and as I learned somewhat bemusedly this past winter, so can Tom (now 28). LOL... build some memories, gramma Debbie.