Thursday, May 29, 2014

In the end, I guess that I am left with one thing that I know for sure: That there are those in this world who will be drawn to chaos. I don't know why. I don't understand the draw. In the end, though, it is true: they will be drawn to chaos.

No matter how hard you try to save them from this chaos, it cannot be done. The siren song of it is irresistible to them, and like a moth to a flame, they go to it with their eyes wide open. You might well feel that your heart overflows with love for them, but in the end, they will choose what they will choose, and the closer they get to the chaos, the stronger the current. It becomes stronger than your love. Stronger than reason. Stronger than anything really. The thundering of it drowns out your words, threatens to sweep you up as well.

Finally, in the end, it is you that makes the choice: are YOU drawn to the chaos? Will you be swept away too?

I ponder these things in the dark, and quietly, finally, I let go.

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Anonymous said...

Power is lose in the world today, There is dancing in the flames; and I can no longer go -but my heart hears the words DIVE! DIVE! make your depth 200 feet, speed all ahead full.
- Bill said that