Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cara's news

Cara put a post up on her Facebook: It isn't possible to tell each of you on a first hand basis, but I would like to formally announce my next position. I will be leaving in July to work at the American University of Afghanistan on a one year contract. I will be teaching three sections of first year seminar courses and directing the residence life program. More importantly, I will be working at the only higher education institution in the country that serves women. I look forward to meeting these remarkable students and do understand the dangerous aspects of this work.

She was at home this weekend, and it was a pleasant weekend. We've been having some difficulty communicating lately, but this weekend, once again, we were able to just sit and talk. This has been such a relief to me, I cannot tell you. There is most certainly relief on Cara's part that she has a job, and a good one. There is also, most certainly, an excitement to think that she will be advocating for women in a place where that advocacy is sorely need.

I study her as she talks, and I feel pride, mingled with concern, the gamut of emotions that mothers have felt since the dawn of time. I know that the biggest change happens when people DARE. Cara dares.

Her courage outstrips my own, and I rush along madly behind her, trying to catch up.


Bob said...

But you have courage too. You are watching this precious piece of you go to one of the most dangerous places in the world when a big part of you wants to hold onto her and keep her safe. And on top of that, you're giving her your blessing. That's courage, my friend. And more than that, it's faith.

Kelly said...

I'm already praying for your family, as you know.

KarenTX said...

A great opportunity for Cara, but I understand your concerns. My son and his girlfriend are in Indonesia right now, will be teaching English in a small school for a couple of weeks. They have been doing volunteer work in Malaysian Borneo, Malaysia, visited Singapore. They are both smart, have common sense, but it doesn't stop the worrying! :o) I get to see them on fb, get texts with photos and talked to him on Mother's Day. They'll be gone probably another few months, but they are a little homesick. Bless his heart, all he wanted was a hamburger, hope he found one in Singapore! You have to have faith that all will be okay. Cara is a smart girl with common sense. She will do fine.

Happy Birthday!!!

jeanie said...

Good luck to her. It sounds like a tough job from here - having to walk the very fine line between emancipation and cultural sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

Well said, mom. You words give depth to my thoughts.
= Bill said that

Bush Babe said...

Only a mother can truly understand your emotions Deb. I understand, and I also know the sense of excitement Cara must feel. Just as she must feel how your concern comes from love.

quid said...

That is an amazing thing to do. And I know you struggle at the decision.