Friday, May 9, 2014

And along came a spider...

William and I were at the local dollar store to buy a pile of bouncing, prism-like balls which have rainbow lights inside. I use them at work to keep kids moving and active and throwing. They are tremendously helpful for gross motor skills. So are rolls of brightly colored crepe. I tear off ribbons of them and kids run around the gym screaming and watching their 'flags' flutter out behind them. The local dollar store is a very useful place.

In any case, William was walking with me talking about his plan for macaroni and cheese for supper when suddenly he stopped dead. He saw a very large spider. Huge. Now William has quite a love/hate relationship with spiders. He has masses of toy spiders that he loves. I try to point out how interesting spiders are, and we have read Eric Carle's 'The Very Busy Spider' at least 519 times. We admire any spider webs that we come across, but the fact is, the boy does not like them.

This spider was so large and so still, and it was, as I said, in the middle of the aisle of the store where a great many of his beloved toy spiders have come from, so I don't believe that initially he thought it was real. He walked right up to it and studied it, talking about 'the giant spider' in rapid fire 3 year old chatter. When he began to squat down to inspect it, it suddenly skittered away.

The shock of it nearly caused him to fall on his butt.

Wide eyed, he charged off down the aisle and around the corner, and I heard him saying shrilly, "Lady!!! LAAAADY!!! There is a vewwwwwwy giant spider!! Come ON!! Huwwy up!!!!!! You don't want to miss it!"

Bless her heart, the clerk could have ignored him, but she didn't. She acted as if there were nothing more important in this whole wide world than seeing a very giant spider.

William dragged her back and then pointed the spider out. Quicker than a wink, her sneakered foot shot out and STOMP! the spider was mush.

William was a little shocked by this, standing quite still. When he got his words back he said, "Poor little, vewwy giant spider..."


Anonymous said...

Grandmas get to have all the fun.
- Bill said that

Kelly said...

Um...I think I was a little shocked, too, how quickly that spider was dispatched!

See, the dollar store isn't just useful, it's fun and adventurous as well!

BB said...

As a friend of mine would say 'SO STINKIN' CUTE'. Dash is not a fan of spiders either. Snakes are okay though apparently. #notsureiagree