Monday, April 21, 2014

William Pulls a Fast One

Today is Tim's birthday. His birthday gift was planned and paid for some time back. I wanted him to have fly fishing lessons. This is something he has always wanted to do. So what with all the holiday stuff going on, his actual birthday, while not overlooked, wasn't exactly celebrated. We work different shifts. I told him happy birthday this morning before work, and I repeated it when he called on break. William, listening to all this, said, "Let me tell grandpa 'happy birthday' too."

This was my first mistake. I put the phone on speaker and handed it to him. He shouted into it, "Happy birthday, grampa!!! We maked you a cake!!!!"

Grandpa said, "You did?!!!" in kind of a surprised voice. Actually, I was kind of surprised too. Because we hadn't. Grandpa is trying to avoid sweets. So is grandma. So. There was no cake made. Then grandpa said, "Make me a round cake with coconut on it."

So we did.

And when his mother got home from work, William said, "We baking a cake for grampa and me."

The little sly-boots.


Kelly said...

Just view it as more opportunity to use those cake pans.

Happy birthday Tim.

Bush Babe said...

That William is BRIGHT.

Caroline said...

LOL!!! Every birthday needs a cake!

KarenTX said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! Kids! He knew exactly what to say to get a cake! LOL My sis' grandson asked for cookies last week. She got busy and forgot. When he asked her about them and she said she hadn't made any, his comment was "OK, Mamou, just this once, but don't you be lying to me again." She's baking cookies today. :)

jeanie said...

Happy birthday (a little late) to Tim!!!

William is one very crafty little boy.