Monday, April 28, 2014

Stalking wild food

This weekend, we were able to try a new food. My friend's son had gotten a bear during last fall's hunting season. He had it made into sausage. He gave us a pound of breakfast sausage, and a pound each of Italian and something labeled 'hot'.

The breakfast sausage was a part of a lazy Sunday morning breakfast, along with eggs and toast and orange juice. Brianna was the only one who liked it.

I was a little worried about lunch, but the meat was thawed so I had no choice but to cook it. I just put the two rolls of hot and Italian sausage into a crock pot, and covered them with onions, peppers, garlic, and portabella mushrooms. We went out and took a long walk with Dylan and Brittani trying to tire their dog Maggie out before they made the five hour drive back home. William went in a stroller.

It was a nice walk, and we strolled around the Barley home daydreaming about what could be done with a place like that. We talked as we walked, and it was fun.

When we got home, I whipped up a tossed salad to go with a leftover seafood pasta salad from the bridal shower. I also cooked up some fusilli with garlic and chile. I took the bear sausage out of the crock pot, cut it into slices and smothered everything with the peppers, onions and mushrooms.

The breakfast sausage had been a disappointment, but the Italian sausage was a hit, really quite good with all the vegetables. Tim and Brianna finished it off for lunch today while I was at work.

I'm not finished with my 'wild food' adventure. My sister brought me a bag of leeks. Right now, I've got a pot of potato leek soup simmering.


mrs.spit said...

Bear is great, but very, very gamey. You want really strong flavours with it. Sausage works quite well because it can also be a bit greasy.

Kelly said...

I don't really care for wild game, though I don't mind cooking it for my family. I'm glad the crockpot concoction was a hit.

Linda G. said...

Earlier this year my brother- and sister-in-law considered purchase of the Barley Home. I took pictures inside and out. They opted not to buy the home.

Unknown said...

I never thought to try bear! Something to add to my 'wild food list' too!!