Monday, April 7, 2014


On the last post, Bob stopped by to say that Hal had put up a post too. I've been following Hal for a lot of years now. Disremember how many, but, I enjoy reading the thoughts of a hardworking person who loves his family like nothing else in this world.

Hal's blog had gone kind of quiet for a while. I knew that he was dabbling around in his music again and I was pleased to see this

Bob, thanks for letting me know, Hal thanks for letting us know what you're up to. I look around me and am inspired by all the things that I see my blogmates doing. Mary Paddock is writing and publishing. Bush Babe is up to greatness with the gals at Outback Papparazzi. Jeanie's dabbling in stand-up comedy. Bob himself is a weekly columnist in addition to everything else.

You all are darned inspirational, know it?


Bob said...

You know you're the inspirational one! I get tired just reading about all the stuff you do! Now maybe our friend Pencil Writer might give us an update?

Hal Johnson said...

I'm with Bob, Debby. I think you're danged inspirational, and when I read about some of your days, I feel the need for a nap.

quid said...

Loved Hal's post, too!

quid said...

Loved Hal's post, too!