Monday, January 6, 2014


I suppose that it was selfish, writing that last post. My daughter tells her story openly. I have never done so. Guilt. Shame. It bothers me what people think.


It is partly my story, but mostly hers, and I had no right to tell it. It's been a stressful time here, one that conjures up a lot of old specters. I told too much of a story that is not my story.

I apologize for a knee jerk response to a truly horrifying facebook post from some very dishonest people.

I am sorry.


Brian P said...

Guilt and shame are a response to fear. "Perfect love casts out fear". 1 John4:18. God has your back. Count on it!!

Jayne said...

I didn't see the post but hugs and strength to you, Debby xxx

Bush Babe said...

Me neither... hugs to you both!!

Kelly said...

No apology necessary.

On another note....I'm ready for more kitty pictures! I can't tell you how often I've gone back and looked at the picture of Tim with that precious little thing "reading" in his lap!!

Deb C. said...

I saw that post Debby and thought it was brave of you to write it. I am a private person and very much admire when someone writes or speaks of something very difficult that is going on in their life.

I really enjoy your blog, but rarely comment because I don't take the time to log in to Blogger! You are a wonderful writer and have the ability to get to the matter in a heartfelt way.

I hope that the current situation improves so that you can find some peace. One thing that has always come through in your writing is what a down to earth, honest and forthright person you are.