Monday, January 13, 2014


2014 has given every indication that it will be...well...different.

Even if the changes necessary, transitions are difficult to navigate. 

Thank goodness for the comfort of small ginger cats, 

 And for the excitement of small boys on first days.
There are friends who bring bear meat and books, and friends who call to say we are thinking about you. There are small moments with two people looking at each other and realizing yet again, this is the strength of a marriage ~ the ability to pull together and endure through tough times, and there is a quiet gratitude for that. This weekend was spent putting away the tree and the decorations for next year, but the house still rings with the echos of laughter and the pleasures of our Christmas season. I look around at the tidy house, amazed at how spacious it looks. I am sorry that the holidays are done, but 2014 shines with promise. Dylan and Brittani will be married in June. Cara will graduate with her Master's degree in May.

There are big and public celebrations waiting to be celebrated, and there are small private victories that bring peace to my heart. 


A blank slate, a full box of  colored chalks, a masterpiece waiting to be created. 2014 is a promise. 

I'm excited. 

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Kelly said...

I believe 2014 is going to be a very good year for you.

And thank you for posting that photo for me again. You know how much I love it!!! A big grin appeared on my face when it popped up in my reader. :)