Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from our house to yours...

Tim does not like cats. He said so himself. The feeling is not mutual. Tim is reading 'Lone Survivor'. I was on the couch reading 'Hyperbole and a Half'. There is a blog.
Because my book caused me to laugh until the tears flowed, the cat chose to sit with Tim, because he wasn't wiggling around as much.

Discovery is an exciting thing. After dealing with a stubborn cough, the physician's assistant thought that perhaps I had allergies. She suggested Zyrtec. She was right. I am allergic. To Zyrtec. Hives and a swollen mouth and lips.

Needless to say, we're staying in tonight. All joking aside, we almost certainly would have anyway, but now we have an excuse.

William and Brianna are here so I will be bringing in the 2014 with three of the people that I love best in the world. I've made my resolution as well.

Ahem: I will stop taking zyrtec.

Funniest facebook exchange ever:

Party A: "They can take their curley Q mercury filled lightbulbs and stick them where the sun don't shine."

Reply came quickly. "That's normally where lightbulbs go: where the sun doesn't shine."

I about fell out of my chair.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Kelly said...

So cute!!! I may be a "dog person" but I sure love kittens.

jeanie said...

Oh no to the Zyrtec.

My dad was not a cat person. He broke his leg and therefore was a very handy sleeping pad for our two cats - we held our breaths the first time they tried it, but I think secretly he enjoyed it!

Happy new year.

Jayne said...

LOL at the exchange but, how awful for you with the zyrtec :(
Hope your allergies behave and let you enjoy the new year with those you love xxx