Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Christmas Gift Ever

William was feeling kind of under the weather yesterday, and took a little break from his normal cheerfulness. He played quietly with the cat while I wrapped, and but mostly he was quiet. When it came time to tuck him into his polar bear jammies, he pitched quite a fit. He did not want to go to bed.

I've started a new book, and so I said, "Would you like to watch TV on Grandma's bed while she reads her book?" He wailed, "Sleep in Gramma's beeeeeddddddddd."

So I retrieved my book as he headed for our room with "Little Cat" as he calls Paddington Paw-cat. I plugged in Mr. Bean. I love Mr. Bean, and I am the only person in my family who does. I had a hankering to see "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean." I was not prepared for what happened next.

The first belly laugh happened when Mr. Bean fell from the sky onto the street, picked himself up and dashed off. By the time that we got to the part where Mr. Bean was acting out a little play with the nativity, William was laughing repeatedly. As Mr. Bean directed the Salvation Army street musicians, William rolled over from his pillow and announced "Mr. Bean FUNNY."


I've been waiting a long time for a person with a sense of humor like mine.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Funniest thing? When I was downloading this video, as soon as he heard the intro music, William began to shout, "Mister Bean, Mister Bean!"


BUSH BABE said...

LOL - Mr Bean is a great litmus test! Nice work William.

Kelly said...

Hey, hey! I'm glad you finally have a partner in crime! Laughing is always more fun WITH someone. :)

jeanie said...

Mr Bean is excellent - watched Love Actually (well, it was on in the background) last night and saw the 2 Rowan Atkinson scenes that are just brilliant.