Friday, November 15, 2013


I've been caught up in an embarrassing situation that has been going on for 6 or 7 weeks now. I don't know. Haven't blogged about it, because, is embarrassing and humiliating.

Last night, at a meeting with trusted friends, we were all talking, and quite spontaneously, I told them about my situation. They looked at me with great kindness, and quickly assured me that they had seen it coming. They felt the situation said a great deal about my own strength of charactor. They understood, related similar incidents, buoyed me up, assured me that it was part of a greater plan.

These are intelligent people, people like me who walk to a different beat. We are storytellers and writers. As we talked, it seemed as if my words unfroze, and it felt good, a relief actually. I said, "The worst part is that I simply feel like I don't fit..." and a former seminarian looked at me, his smile big in his white whiskers, and he said, "You fit with us."

And I realized that I did.


Caroline said...

we are all human.

BUSH BABE said...

Please explain???
Too embarrassing to talk about here? You fit with us too, you know!

jeanie said...

Yay Deb!!!

I so very much understand.

Bob said...

And I don't fully understand the "situation" about which you are speaking but I would heartily concur that you do, indeed, fit with "us." I miss several of our blog friends who have stopped writing for whatever reason. I think we have lost many of them to Facebook. Your posts never fail to give me a lift and bring a smile. Never doubt for a moment that you fit -- quite beautifully in fact!