Thursday, November 21, 2013


You know, there's a little boy I come across regularly at work. His mother is out of the picture. He is raised by his father alone. He's often dirty and unkempt. He often is oppositional and defiant. I love all the kids, and although he is a special challenge, I see plainly that the little fellow has had a hard life. I try to spend time with him, one on one, whenever I have the chance to do so, but it is hard, because there are a lot of kids, and there are a lot of them that need that one on one time. It's also important to balance that gentleness with a firm discipline, because he can be rough and mean to other kids, and, God love him, he's big for his age.

Today, he walked past the door and looked in. I was busy with other kids, and on the floor as I usually am, but I waved to him and greeted him cheerfully. Suddenly, the side door opened, and before I could even react, he was rushing to me. He crashed into me and gave me a big hug, nearly knocking me over because I was kneeling on the floor. I hugged him back, tightly, and thanked him for that hug, rocking him side to side as I patted his back.

He pulled away and smiled, and then rushed back out the door just as quickly as he had come in.

I stared after him with no small surprise. Yes, we talk, but he is often frustrated with me, because I am cautioning him not to be so violent in his play. Yes, we do crafts together after school, but he is often immature and upset that I won't simply do the activity for him.

Still...there is something in the boy that begs to be noticed, hungers for attention, and, in the end, longs for a hug.

I bowed my head for a minute and said a prayer for all little children who have rough lives, and I thanked God that I was there when one of them wanted a hug.


Kelly said...

Bless you, Debby. You are certainly in the right place.

BUSH BABE said...

Oh... that makes me ache. A few like that in our world at the moment too. You can see they yearn for the right attention, and just have no idea how to get it from the people that matter to them. So great for this young man to get that hug - he will remember it forever.

S. Etole said...

What a gift for both of you. Thank you for sharing such a tender moment.

steviewren said...

What a rewarding feel like you are making a difference in someone's life! That is the best of all work possibilities. It is a blessing for you and him.

I hope your Thanksgiving is fill with family and love!

Ann Britton said...

Bless you Debbie for being there for him just the way you should be and bless him for seeing that in you. Thanks so much for sharing it hit a cord with me also,

Dan said...