Friday, October 4, 2013


Today I had to drive out to Bradford. It is just starting to turn into fall here. I wanted to take a picture of the bear crossing sign they have at the edge of town, but it was pouring rain, and so I didn't get the picture. Coming back the rain tapered off. I stopped to take pictures. You can see the leaves are just starting to change.

It was a pleasant day for a drive. While taking these pictures, I got a bug in my shirt, a big black hornet-y looking thing. I discovered it while I was driving, but did not wreck the car.

I then drove up to pick up my clock

which once again sets on the mantel chiming sweetly to itself in the library.

I can see that I have a great deal to learn about lighting with this camera.


Kelly said...

I think you're doing a great job with your camera and am enjoying your photos.

Linda Gross said...

You have decorated your house so warmly; nice job!