Sunday, October 13, 2013

People are stupid.

This was the great weekend of T2SDA. Truckers were going to stand for our constitution. Thousands of trucks were to head to Washington DC and shut the place down. How this stands for our constitution I have no idea. Doesn't make any more sense to me than the government impasse playing out right now. Amazing to me how many people are excited about these truckers. What will a bunch of renegades showing up to force a shut down actually accomplish? Nothing. We know they are a bunch of lying dogs, posting fake pictures of truck convoys to 'prove' their impact. The protests are a bust. But fake pictures are still being posted on facebook of the purported truckers. I've been shaking my head at the stupidity of people. Sorry to sound so crass about it, but there is no other word for them. A number of them wonder on line "why there is nothing about this on the news?" as others answer, "It's a government plot" or "the media is controlled by the government" or "facebook keeps deleting our posts! LOL. They're controlled by the government too." A friend posted pictures of barricades being taken down by protesters and dumped at the White House gates. The barricades were surrounding national monuments which are closed by the government shutdown. His posting decried "the vindictive Obama administration". The monuments are closed down becasue of the shutdown. Obama is not sitting in the oval office saying, "Well, I'll show THEM!" and closing things down. It's so stupid, and it is getting stupider. What we've got is a small group of truckers who will lie to make themselves look like big shots, who are driving to DC to illegally shut down the government and kick the president out of office. Anyone who honestly believes that they will bring positive change is plainly and simply put, a fool. Sounds harsh, doesn't it? I'll probably be ashamed later, but right now, I'm kind of fed up with all of this stuff. The people that will scream the loudest about the dishonesty of the government are the same folks who don't hesitate to forward a lie on line if it supports their version of the truth.


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Patty Hague Smith said...

Hi Debby, I've been reading your blog almost from the beginning. I've never felt the need to post a comment before but I feel the need to let you know I so agree with you. It is so hard to fight the lies. The propaganda has discredited all reliable sources to the point I want to bury my head in the sand but then they win, don't they. Keep up the good fight!

jeanie said...

Obviously we don't know all of the ins and out and intricacies of your system over there, but it does look like there is quite a mess going on.

I do hope it gets sorted - because the forecasts of international repercussions if they can't put on their big girl pants is rather "interesting" and not necessarily in a good way.

And as a believer in Word Verfication occasionally being rather pertinent - the word is "nerabum" - no kidding.