Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Little Town

William took a walk with his grandmother and her new camera. These pictures were just practice. I've never given a lot of thought to things like composition and that. I'm just a snap-happy picture taking fool. But on this walk, I was playing with the zoom feature.

This picture is kind of the epicenter of our business district. See that building to the left, behind the fountain. It is called the Flatiron building. It comes to a point.

This next picture shows the building bit closer. When I was a child, my dentist was in this building. So was our bank, and huge old fashioned thing with marble floors and cages made of brass and dark wood. There were also very ornate elevators with shiny brass doors. These were the first elevators that I'd ever ridden on. I was probably about 9.

This is the detail around the window.

This is the weather vane at the very top of the 5th story.

William loves the fountain.

Here's something else that William loves. When you push this button, there is a train that chugs through an elaborate landscape inside the building.
William is quite a fan of trains and this activity please him. I think that it is a pretty awesome gift to the community children.

Tonight I am going to a community service for the young boy that committed suicide after being bullied. It has to be killing the family, but they seem to be committed to using the young man's death to bring a change to our community.

A neighborhood kid shrugged his shoulders at the news and said, "That kid was messed up."

I ran into a man I know, a retired teacher, at an estate sale. (We bought an old door and a inch thick wormy chestnut board.) He said, "What is it that made us so much tougher than kids today?" He doesn't want to hear it, but the fact of the matter is that kids are much, much more aggressive and outspoken today than they were in our day. We can sit and debate the issue all day long, but the fact is kids are behaving in ways that would get them a harrassment charge were they adults.

I don't know. We have a nice town. We do. But we also have some issues that we need to look closely at. I suppose that makes us no different than any other small town.


Kelly said...

I like the shape of that building!

Kelly said...
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jeanie said...

Love "visiting" your town.

I don't think that it is your town or just the children - I think that parents need to teach their children, and if the parents don't have the tools then they should be given tools to teach children to do the right thing and think of others.

It is so hard in what is an increasingly desensitised world.

PS - FYI - the comment I did a moment ago on a lower post had moderation "halftwt 19" and this one is "fixemem 25" - I find meaning in all sorts of things!!