Monday, October 21, 2013

Monkey, pumpkin and footed jammies.

We had such a wonderful weekend.
William was here, and he loved the pumpkin that Mary and Danny gave him. One of Danny's hobbies is growing giant pumpkins. This is one of his rejects. William was glad to get it. He hugged it every single day that he was here, and Saturday night got quite emotional about it, wanting us to turn on the porch light so that he could see it.

It was a busy weekend, with a lot of laughter. We had to shop for new footy jammies for him. He has outgrown the ones he had at Grandma's from last year. I tried to get him to choose, but he got quite upset, actually had a bit of a tantrum, being sure, no doubt that I was going to immediately pop him in them and make him take a nap. We began to put a photo album together. He flipped through it several times talking animatedly to himself, "I go on the boat. Dis da paddlewheel, it go round and round, and grandpa and willnan look at the waaaader, and dis grandpa chainsaw and Willnan's chainsaw, and dis Willnan's big punkin..." I showed him how to play 'annie annie over' at the brick house, kicking the ball up on the roof, and having it bounce back down for him to catch. He played with his Thomas the tank projector in the dark as Tim and I watched a movie. There was swinging and running and singing. When I stripped the bed to wash the sheets, there was one little monkey jumping on my bed for quite some time.

When we took him home last night, freshly bathed and in his warm footy jammies, he went running into the house clutching the card he had scribbled on for his parents. Inside were two pictures of his pumpkin. "I make you a pitcher" he announced handing the card to his daddy, and heading inside without nary a backward look. Grandma and grandpa went home to their big empty house, and for the first time that day, I finally got a chance to put the bed back together. There was a fruit snack stuck to the coverlet, and I found myself smiling. I sure do love having a little monkey jumping on my bed.


Kelly said...

Speaking of monkeys, I love his little rubber boots!

Bob said...

On how I remember those little monkeys jumping on the beds. One of these days I hope to have more.

jeanie said...

How lovely Deb - makes me smile.

steviewren said...

Made me smile too!

I spent some fun time with 2 of my monkeys today. It was fun.