Sunday, October 6, 2013


So I've got this new camera that I'm bound and determined to learn. It doesn't have a written instruction manual. It is on a disk. If I had a printer, I could probably print it out, but....I digress. It was so stinking humid today that Tim and I took William and we went for a walk. He wanted me to take a picture of our lazy river, with the leaves just starting to change in the background.

Noticing the swan, I decided to try to get a nice picture of it. After all, I've got a nice camera now, and all of that.

(S)he was bathing.

Swans bathe in a vigorous sort of a way, turns out.

All of you out there that make this look so easy?
I have been deceived.


Kelly said...

Well, I'd say you ended up with some rather nice photos here. You certainly do better than I (but that's not saying much!).

BUSH BABE said...

Don't recall saying it was EASY... just that it was fun and WORTH it!! Heh - nice pic series.

Debby said...

Ah. There is one of my deceivers now! And while she never said it was easy, she certainly makes it LOOK easy.

My very best to Jack in his sad time.

jeanie said...

I think you have made this look very interesting - it was the swan who didn't make it look easy!!