Friday, October 25, 2013

A tale of two kitties.


Nash has decamped. We see him about, but shows no interest in coming back home where food and warmth await. I guess that his wild nature has taken over. Surprisingly, his brother, Crosby, is still hanging about. Tim sees him during the day, and feeds him on the porch. Yesterday, he actually stuck his head in the door and looked around curiously, but would not come in.

Tim left a note on the table, advising me to get more catfood, which I did. I put some in the bowl now sitting on our porch, hoping to see Crosby last night but I didn't.

Interesting factoids:

There is a light covering of snow here today.

Did you know that there's a Jodi Arias supporter group? They believe that she is innocent. Still. The girl confessed.

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jeanie said...

ha - I am glad I don't live where that media circus is being played out. Don't the various levels of media have fun. We watched the news last night, and NOT ONE STORY was purely about good people doing good things - every single story had a sensational trigger to is. I hate how they "sell" news these days.

I hope that you get your kitty back come winter.