Thursday, September 12, 2013

This and that.

We had a bit of a cold spell. On a whim, I responded by putting together a large pot of cream of cauliflower soup, because when it is chilly, soup hits the spot. The temperature has shot back up to the 80s and 90s, and it huuuuuuuuuuuuuuumid...

Lesson learned: one frost does not an autumn make.

Oh, and that cream of cauliflower soup does not hit the spot when it is hot and humid.

Those two things are what I learned about soup.

Wanna know what I learned about clocks? There's no such thing as an antique $27. clock. The price of that clock went up to $239. rather quickly. The first time that I brought it in from the shop, it worked until I wound it. The second time that I brought it home from the shop, it worked for two weeks. Until I noticed that at 6, it would chime 4 times. I adjusted the chime about every other day...and then it stopped. Just stopped once again.

I also learned that despite their annoyances, you fall in love with the ticking. And the chiming. I learned that even husbands can fall in love with them. The worst thing? Once you have spent that much money on them, you become pretty obsessed with the idea that this clock !WILL! work properly. It is not costing us extra money, but it's quite a haul to take it to the shop. The time the man has cautioned me that he will be keeping it for a few weeks just to try to figure out what is going on w/ it.

I also learned that my love of clocks is nothing compared to his...he lives in an old Victorian house with more clocks than you can imagine.

Most of which are for sale.

Which means that I should be nowhere near this place ever, let alone the third time. So far I have been good.

During that cold snap, I was in the library reading. Nash is a very lovely cat, beautiful to look at, very affectionate. He came in, purring and leapt up to coil himself on my lap. I realized that a dream had come true.

I pick up small gifts for Christmas all year around, but this weekend, I bought my first large Christmas gift. My goal is not to be a last minute shopper this year. This is actually not a new goal.

The new house? Tim is very excited. It was built in 1848, and has an original stone lined well in the basement. Joan told us that it had been in the previous owner's family for years, and that he put a bottle in one of the walls with the house's history. He actually owned two houses, and our relatives own the house next door. Tim has been studying the place and decided to rip out the walls and replace the knob and tube wiring...and, just coincidently, find that bottle. He really wants that bottle something awful. Because the conclusion that he has come to is that our little house actually began life as the barn for the house next door. He has unearthed some beautiful, and massive, handhewn beams that he does not want to cover again.

Listening to my husband talk, it came to me that he is an artist really. He sees things in old houses and has the skills to bring the house to that. He does good work. I need to get a job with benefits again. He needs to be free to pursue what he loves, and what he does best.


Kelly said...

Curling up with a good book and a cat (or dog) is a nice thought. Comforting.

jeanie said...

I did a course once with a clockmaker, whose business premise was that he came to YOU to fix your clock.

I love that Tim is doing what he loves.

I had some pumpkin soup in the freezer that I used as a bolognaise base last night - I wonder if you could create a new dish from the cream of cauliflower soup?

Christmas - bah humbug.

BUSH BABE said...

A mystery - very cool!!! Glad Tim is excited about new house... are you moving or is it an investment??