Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shiny things

Yesterday, Grandpa left in his truck to go to one of the new houses. He was meeting a bulldozer there.

Now William does not miss an opportunity to 'hep' his grandpa, and when he heard that truck start up and back down the driveway, he was inconsolable, standing at the door clutching his Dresser-Rand bag of his little power tools in one hand, and his bright yellow chainsaw in the other, sobbing "GRANDPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

William and I drove over later, but when you are working around heavy equipment and doing heavy dangerous work, well, you need an extra set of eyes and hands when there's a small interested boy about.

The bulldozer pushed a pile of rubble up, and Tim dashed out to grab a intricate root system that was tangling things up. It ended up snapping back and smacking him quite hard across the cheek. When he came home, I could see the swelling.

My church is earlier than his church, so I'm up earlier on Sunday morning. I was talking to him as he was still in bed. I looked at him and thought, 'Huh. That shadow makes it look like he has quite the shiner.'

When he got around to getting up, I saw that it wasn't a shadow at all. He has quite a black eye.

He's already saying I gave it to him.


steviewren said...

Wonder what Tim will tell them about his shiner at church today? You might need to defend yourself. Haha!

Kelly said...

William's little chainsaw is just too cute!!

Debby said...

He watched Grandpa and a friend fell a very large pine tree (from the safety of the truck bed). This was quite the most exciting thing he'd ever seen. The next time Grandpa had a small tree that needed to cut down, he sawed it partially through, asked William for 'hep' and William and his little chainsaw finished the job (Grandpa actually just leaned into it enough to start the fall, which convinced William that his little chain saw had done it.) This kind of excitement has turned him into his grandpa's boy, for sure.

jeanie said...

I think I see great joy in both Grampa AND William's eyes there.