Saturday, August 24, 2013

William had a very busy day today, what with 'hepping memaw' and then watching the heavy equipment in the street in front of the house. We went to the library to pick up "The Bear's Toothache", giving William a wagon ride. He came home and managed to smack himself in the lip with his great grandfather's guitar, but there was not a lot of time to howl. We were headed back out to his little wagon to go back downtown for a street carnival for kids. There was sidewalk chalk, and two bounce houses, and a marching band, and princesses, and huge helium balloons (William got orange). There was a clown and face painting and story tellers (of which I was one). He was nodding in his little wagon on the way home, but got a second wind when we hit the house.

What do you do with little boys who are so exhausted that they can barely function, but they will not fall asleep? Easy. You tuck a scarf into his shorts so that it trails behind him. You name him "William the kitty cat" and you play this on the computer:

By the time that his mother got here, he had danced himself into a near kitty cat coma. I'll betcha bucks that child was asleep before his parents turned off Water Street.

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jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha ha!!