Thursday, August 29, 2013

Small stories.

Do you ever wonder about the little stories you glimpse but do not know the whole of?

Every morning, I see a solidly built young man plodding along side the highway in a florescent vest, like the highway crews wear. Clues to this story: Same time every day. I also generally see him walking home. Rain or shine. He walks on the opposite side of a divided highway, so that even if you wished to be kind and give him a lift, you would be unable to.

I've guess that he is walking to work. He is timely, which indicates that he is reliable. The only thing down that way is fast food restaurants and big box stores. They don't generally offer set schedules, which he apparently has, which is intriging. He also likely is not earning big bucks.

There are parts of the story I don't know. Does he not have a car because he can't afford it? Can't drive because he got a DUI? Too many tickets? Because he's an environmentalist? Who knows?

The one thing I do know is that steady sort of reliability is becoming more and more difficult to find in people. I miss it.


Lori said...

Perhaps he's walking to one of the big box stores or fast food restaurants to meet his ride to work? There is gentleman in our town that we see waiting at a bus stop in front of a fairly decent apartment complex at about the same time of day several days a week. He is anywhere from 40s to 60s; it's hard to tell his age because he has long straggly gray hair, a long straggly gray beard and mustache, and his skin is weather-beaten coppery leather. He always wears dark shades, a leather biker's vest and pants, complete with silver chains, no shirt unless it's a sleeveless one beneath the vest, and leather biker boots. My daughter and I are intrigued with him. We call him Motorcycle Guy. "Hey, there's Motorcycle Guy again!" I'd love to know his story. Did he have to sell his bike? Did he lose his license? To where is he taking that bus every day? Someday maybe I'll have the nerve to stop and speak with him.

KarenTX said...

We have a lady that walks by our building every day. Doesn't appear by her dress that she's going to work, but she has a backpack. I often wonder if she's homeless? Does she have a family?