Friday, August 16, 2013


Courage shines in very dark places. A couple days ago, I read the obituary of a very young man. It began with "------- ------- passed away after a lifelong battle with alcoholism."

I stopped at those words. It was easy to see the pain behind that little sentence. So many times, obituaries are 'prettied up'. All that makes the paper are the notes about how wonderful they are. The obituaries makes them sound perfect. It took a lot of courage to begin an obituary with that stark and honest line.

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Kelly said...

This makes me think of a funeral I attended for a classmate who had struggled with prescription drug abuse. The message given by the pastor heavily addressed the topic, at the request of his family I presume. It was done in a way that wasn't condemning, yet not excusing, either. It was thought-provoking.