Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gender confused.

You know, it's been a pretty difficult week for me.

I brought Nash into the house thinking he was a boy. He has pretty long hair, but I thought...well...I was sure...

And then my friend stopped in, flipped my cat upside down and announced that he was a she.

That leant a little more urgency to get her into the vet.

Cara came home this weekend and Nash/Nashley (thanks for that Karen Bringol) slept curled up with her. Cara came in for breakfast and said, "Um. Is there any reason you are thinking this cat might NOT be pregnant?"

To which I replied...well...just you never mind what I replied.

I began to tell my friends that they would be receiving darling little kittens for Christmas. To which they replied "Friend? What is this 'friend' stuff that you speak of." You know those friends that stick by you no matter what? I need to get me some of them.

Today, Nash had that vet appointment. Nash is a neutered male cat. I am so relieved I cannot tell you. My friends? You can come out of hiding now. I have no kittens for you.

However, Nash does have an identical brother. Or maybe it's a sister. You cannot trust my judgement on these things.

Late edit: "Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function." --Garrison Keillor Guess who Tim and I are going to see tomorrow?


Caroline said...

When I was a child, we took in a stray long haired cat. My mother decided she would be named Cindy. Our next door neighbor's cat had kittens which looked exactly like Cindy. Who instantly became Ben Hur. Cats are devious!

KarenTX said...

LOLOL Well, that's one less expense! :o) Nash-man, you are a lucky cat! Maybe that's Nashley outside? ;o)

Kelly said...

Well that's a relief. I was starting to worry you might try to send one through the mail!

Someone must have loved him at one time if he's already been neutered.