Tuesday, July 9, 2013

White Stone

I did not know WhiteStone, not in person anyway. We were on-line friends. We met when we were first dealing with cancer, and discovered we had quite a bit in common besides cancer. We both finished cancer treatment. Her cancer came back. Mine has not. *knocks wood*

One of her final blog posts was about her upcoming PET scan. After a couple weeks with no further comment on it, I told Tim that I had a sinking feeling that the news was not good.

I was not sure how to approach it. There is a lot of unbloggable stuff. I did not want WhiteStone to think that I was pushing for more information than she wanted to share. I sent a carefully worded e-mail that said, "I have a bad feeling about your PET scan, and I want you to know that I continue to pray for you and Jim both."

She wrote back, a short note, and said that she could not blog everything, that her 90 year old mother read her blog. I understood, and it kind of confirmed my fears, although my questions were not answered.

Sunday, I was very excited to see an e-mail from her. I settled back in my chair, and opened it and saw a message from her husband, Jim. He let us know that she had died on June 23rd, and gave a link to her obituary.

Even though I kind of guessed, it still came as a shock to me, and I cried. For Judy. For Jim, who in the midst of his own grief, in the midst of his own cancer treatment, took the time to notify everyone in her address book.

Judy took her blogger name 'WhiteStone' from a Bible verse "I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it." (Rev 2:17) This is said to symbolize that when we meet our Maker on Judgement Day, there will be no public humiliation. He will know our transgressions, and the judged will know them too. In the old days, a person was give a pebble of acquittal in Greek courts. Our white stone.

Judy believed what she believed with an unwavering faith. It brings me great comfort to picture my friend holding a white stone, smiling her big smile, and when we meet again some day, we'll introduce ourselves once again, using our new names.

Good bye, my friend. I love you.


Caroline said...

That is so sad. I have been reading her blog for several years. Her posts had gotten more sporadic in recent years but would read all. Thank you for sharing. It makes me sad.

Kelly said...

I was so sad when you wrote me about this. I will miss her and the steadfast faith she exhibited through her blog entries.

S. Etole said...

I had wondered how she was doing. Thank you for this; I will miss her. Prayers for her husband.

Jill said...

It is so hard when we lose someone we have gotten to know whether it is someone close to us or someone we have met online. I just lost one of my blogger friends also to breast cancer . A single mom of a teenage daughter. I was able to meet with her when I was in England and what a beautiful and courageous lady.

BUSH BABE said...