Saturday, July 20, 2013

This little dude is hep.

Our bedroom is on the first floor. It has an old picture window that was not in good shape. Tim was pretty sure that it was allowing moisture to seep inside the wall. We knew that it was going to be replaced.

Time is tight, with both of us working, and so we've hired some Amish to come in and paint the house. They charge $500 a day, and think that they can do it in 3 days. It's worth it to us, just to have it done since neither one of us can take the time off.

Of course, before the house is painted, we might just as well replace that window. Since it has a sweet stone paved area right outside the window, we decided we wanted french doors. Since we were replacing a five foot long window, it was kind of convenient. The doors are the same width.
William was here and thrilled beyond belief to find the huge hole in the bedroom wall. The hammering was pretty exciting too. He ran from the room to his bedroom and got his little hammer and nail set and came back calling, "Gra-paw, gra-paw, I hep you. I big hepper."

 I don't know how gra-paw could have done it without his 'hep'.
 Justin and Tim hard at work. Their little supervisor takes it all in.
Tim thought it was so darn cute, he hammered a nail part way in, and asked William to finish the job.
William spent a good 15 min hammering at it with his little plastic hammer, jabbering a blue streak. Tim gave it a good couple whacks when it was time to move the doors into place.
The doors are in! Our little 'hepper' has been moved to the bed of the truck, given a piece of wood and he is hammering away, so as not to be tripped over as we maneuvered the 400 lb unit into place.
Just in time, too.
Within a matter of hours, the clouds opened up once again.


BUSH BABE said...

Cute!! Love the 'hepper' title... I think Mum always tells the story of how I wanted to 'HULP MUMMY'.

jeanie said...

Always helpful to have a helper - even better a helper that does what s/he is told and doesn't decide s/he is the boss.

We have a boss. Not so helpful.

Kelly said...

I love the French doors!!

Debby said...

Kelly: Me too. Tim picked them out. BB: my little hepper dumped a small bucket of soapy water that I was cleaning a chair with, soaking the rug and requiring that it be taken up. I moved the bed to sweep under it, and as I was moving it back he was on the other side of it pushing the dirt back underneath. He's not the best 'hepper' I ever had, but he is the cutest. And he does not try to be the boss, like some people's kids. :)