Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pint Sized Vignettes.

Over at her place, Stevie posted a picture of pint sized vignettes. It made me smile. It also made me take a look around my own house. There are things that I love, little places and spaces that make me happy.
This is above the livingroom door. Such a hopeful thing.

 The little table at the end of the couch holds an assortment of remotes, and whatever books I am reading right this very minute. There should be a pair of reading glasses there, but it would appear that I have misplaced them yet again. *sigh*

                                                          My flying pig.
                                                      I'm a fan of whimsy.
                                              Tim's Galileo thermometer.
                                                     He's a fan of clever.
Kabluey II, my fish has lived for 7 months now. He comes to the front of his tank to be fed when he hears (feels?) me coming. Unlike Kabluey I, this fish has managed to avoid drains. That makes me very happy too.

My latest find. Well, later-ish...It was orange. Tim repainted if for my birthday. It fits so perfectly into the kitchen. I really love my kitchen. Tim wants to remodel it. I want it to remain as it is.

 My very latest fine. $3.99 at the Goodwill. We've been having a time with our cordless phones. Lots of thunderstorms and power outages have lead to some problems. Sometimes when the phone is hung up, it does not register as being hung up, and people cannot get through to us. Other times, the phones will be ringing, and when you try to pick it up, it continues to ring. When you are running up and down stairs trying to find out which phone is malfunctioning THIS time, it gets annoying. So I wanted a non-electric phone, an old fashioned corded phone. Look what I found! It is heavy and the 'rotary' dial is actually a touch tone phone, but I love the looks of it, and I love the big satisfying old fashioned ring of it.

This hangs on the wall right next to the previous phone. My uncle updated it so that it can be plugged in, but inside it has a rotary phone dial, so we don't use it.
                                                                 My bed.
                                 At the end of the day, I'm always happy for my bed.

Late edit: don't know what's up with the spacing, but I haven't got time to figure it out. Always something, innit?


BUSH BABE said...

This post made me happy - loved my little virtual visit!

Kelly said...

This is a fun post! Makes me want to walk around my house and do the same. :)

Btw...we've had our share of trouble with cordless phones. It's a necessity to have a "corded" one.

(hoping this comment makes it since those on your last two posts didn't!)

steviewren said...

I love seeing your pint sized vignettes! I especially like the old phone. I have a vintage harvest gold wall phone in the laundry room. For me a home isn't a home without all these little sweet spots in them.

ps....did you notice the apple green bottle on the window ledge? Thanks for contributing to one of my favorite spots.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the tour of your house, you have it decorated so pretty and it seems to be you. We have a plug in phone too since our electric goes off so often. Have a great week, ellie

jeanie said...

We too require a plug in phone - but our op shops have been very lax in their offers...