Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mish Mash.

Turns out that quite a bit can be accomplished simply by unplugging your computer modem and wandering off to read the paper.

I have not had access to facebook and yahoo for 2 days, and it is frustrating, esp. since my yahoo is my business address and I had a couple projects due. I called Dan the magic man, our computer guru. I was a little confused because initially, I thought it was our new virus control (we'd switched from McAfee to AVG). Then I discovered that I couldn't get my tablet to work right either, and I hadn't installed the AVG on that.

Dan came up with a couple of scenarios, but suggested I try unplugging the modem. I was pretty doubtful, but told him that I'd give it a try, but that I'd most likely be dropping in to see him in about 45 min. Oh me of little faith!

So now I have a computer again, and for that, I am everlastingly grateful.

Remember a while back, when I wrote about the Newbold estate? Someone local read that, and I was invited to be involved with a joint project with the National Forest Service and the Historical Society. The mansion cannot be rebuilt, of course, but the plan is to restore the gardens, the orchards, the old ice house, to clear away the overgrowth and expose the foundations of the mansion, to erect signage. An abandoned railroad runs past this, and the plan is to turn it into a walking trail with an old fashioned gazebo for hikers to relax in and enjoy the view, and ponder what it was like. I am excited about this, and very grateful to be invited to participate.

It was fun to be at the poorly attended meeting and listen to the stories of the two sisters who continued to rattle around the house. Locals did the groundskeeping, and one of the sisters would stand at her bedroom window shouting down instructions to them at the beginning of their day. Once she caught a man hocking a stream of tobacco spit in the weeds, and she fired him on the spot and told him to never step foot on her land again. I love these sorts of stories.

It is raining yet again, with rumblings of thunder and lightning. Tim's family reunion is Saturday. Tim has fired up the brick oven for the last few years under the tutelage of Uncle Herman.

Uncle Herman died this year, and I can tell you that it will not be the same without him sitting next to that brick oven. Tim knows how to do things. He had an excellent teacher after all. But Uncle Herman sat there next to the oven, and because of that, the bread oven became a social center, everyone coming up to talk to him.

I don't believe that we've ever had a rainy day for the family reunion, and I hope that our luck holds. This is an important year in a way. The family has lost a number of its elders this year, and maybe that is why it seems so very important that we all make sure that the tradition continues. For their memory, I suppose, but for our own sakes as is good to know where you belong.

And this is the man who has enabled me to belong. Thank you, Tim, for the gift of this extended family.


Bob said...

I know you'll have a great time. I envy big families that get together on a regular basis.

KarenTX said...

That's very cool that you are going to be able to participate! And we'll be getting updates with photos, right? :o)

jeanie said...

You do know that Uncle Herman will be there in force, don't you?

I love the old stories also. And I am glad you have fixed the computer issues.