Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Trouble.

I was on line, and I saw this.
The price was $100.
For an oak curio cabinet.
So, very quickly, I typed in, "I'll take this."
After the initial excitement wore off, I realized that I'd done it again.
I made kind of a big purchase without talking to Tim.
When I saw him next, I said, "I want to show you something," and I went to the site, and found the picture, and let him read it, as I tried to come up with the words to explain why I should never be allowed at auctions, EVER, online or otherwise.
And Tim said, "$100?!!!! You tell them we want that."
I said, "Okay. I wanted to talk to you first..."

Is there a 12 step program for furniture addicts?
There should be.
I need it.


KarenTX said...

LOLOLOL You sneaky thing, you! That is a nice cabinet, well worth the $100. Tim has a good eye. ~~snicker~~

Debby said...

Tim actually went to pick it up today, and the woman has a Hoosier cabinet that Tim wants. He came home to talk to me about it before buying it. Because that's how our marriage works.

*looks around in a superior manner*

Kelly said...

Ha! You lucked out on more ways than one. ;)

Bossy Thing said...

Hihihi very funny post! This is me!

Linda Gross said...

That is a very nice curio cabinet and for an excellent price.