Thursday, July 25, 2013


So you know how sometimes you just see something, and just know that you have to have it. No reason really, except for that it is really old.

Really old.

You totally 'get' this, right?


I beg you.

Just tell me yes, that you totally understand this.

I know, I know.

It was set along the curb, and I couldn't leave it.

I tried.

Quit laughing! I honestly had quite a conversation with myself about this. I said to myself, "What in the heck would you even do with something like this?" and I answered, "But this is really old." And then I said, "The Changeling scared the mess out of you." And I answered myself, "Quit being stupid. Do you see George C. Scott lurking anywhere?" and I didn't. As hard as I tried, the next thing I knew, I was wrestling it into the back of my car.
It's really Tim's fault. If he hadn't left bungee cords in the trunk, I couldn't have brought it home.


BUSH BABE said...

Ha ha!! IMAGINE how much fun your grandson could have with that...

Caroline said...

There was an old spinning wheel on the side of the road the other day. I should have stopped. Damn.

Anonymous said...

I do.
I get it.
I love flea markets and road kill rubbish collections and going through elderly people's stuff. Love it.

KarenTX said...

NO WAY you could leave that on the curb! Very cool.

Mary Paddock said...

Lovely old piece. I absolutely get it. There's a flea market up the road, but my favorite annual event (almost as much as Christmas) is the church rummage sale. The coolest stuff shows up there.

Debby said...

Thank you Karen and Mary and Rhu...I feel normal again. Caroline: I'm stunned. You LEFT a spinning wheel?!!!
BB? That thing is unbelievably heavy. William would have a time with it.