Saturday, June 8, 2013


So, Nash has been popping in regularly. After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that he likes tuna cat food, 9-Lives, and so I have a stack of cat food. When he pops in, I feed him. He comes into the kitchen, and keeps me company, but does not have access to the rest of the house yet. He is not neutered and I don't want him spraying around the house. This would only validate Tim's opinion that animals should not be allowed inside.

So, I feed him and I noticed that he is filling out nicely, which makes me happy.

I also noticed that for a stray cat, he's pretty darn picky about his food. For instance, he has turned up his nose at his tuna. Other times, he will gobble it down like it's gourmet.

I've been reminded anew what a fickle beast a cat is. Sometimes he will come to me to be petted. Other times, he looks at me as if he has never seen me before. I imagine that life as a stray makes a cat even more fickle though.

The plan is to get him neutered. I do not want to get him declawed until I am certain that he'll be content as an indoor cat. Like I said, he's got a peculiar nature that can go either way.

Today, we came home, and there was Nash. He darted into the garage, away from the car coming up the driveway. I got out of the car and called him. Tim looked at me strangely.


"He just ran out the back of the garage. How'd he get out the back of the garage?" This was a very good question. There are no doors back there. If there is an exit big enough for a cat, we need to find it post haste. We have a coon hanging around, and I have trapped a possum out of here, not to mention a slew of red squirrels that we don't want getting in. They do a lot of damage.

I headed to the house to feed my cat. Tim headed to the back of his garage to find that egress.

He came to the house and he looked very unhappy. In a disgusted voice, he said, "There are two of 'em. Two long haired black cats. There's another one, a more skittish one that was hiding behind the garage."

Surprised, I looked down at Nash, who gazed up at me, blinking his inscrutable cat blink.

Well. Maybe it was Nash. Hard to tell.

It might have been his brother Crosby.

Anyways, he was the fatter cat. The friendly cat. The one who is not all that fond of tuna, as it turns out.


Caroline said...

Your own cat family has adopted you. Ha ha ha.

Kelly said...

Uh oh. Now I wonder if Stills and Young will show up as well!

For some reason, I thought of you as I drove to church this morning.

jeanie said...

ha ha ha ha.

BTW - over here, I know of no cats that are declawed. It seems a very American thing to do.

Bob said...

Nash to his friends: "I found this great place with a great garage. The lady is a pushover. Act a little a finicky about the food and she'll offer you something else. Give her a sad look every once in a while and you've won her over. They guy will talk a bit gruff but he's really a sweetheart. The future looks promising."

A Novel Woman said...

Too funny!

I don't believe in declawing cats, even indoor cats because if they do get out (and they ALWAYS get out) they are defenseless. What worked for me was clipping their nails. If you do it regularly, on an angle, they can't damage furniture or rugs. There isn't enough of a pointy tip to dig in and rip anything, but they can still climb a tree to escape if they need to. I would hold them on my lap and get one of my kids to distract them with...TUNA. Perfect for your guy! And there's some kind of cat treat in a bag that is like cat nip. That always worked to bring them in, when we shook the bag. Good luck! Seems like now you have TWO!

Nancy's Point said...

Nash has come to the right house I think! I really enjoyed reading this. I never thought I'd get a cat. Two years ago we took in a foster named Ninja via daughter. Hubby is completely smitten with her. Her influence in the household is really something for a being so tiny! Cats, gotta love 'em!

KarenTX said...

Really wish you'd rethink declawing. JMHO. I think Nash has found a cushy spot and has invited his friends. LOL

Debby said...

I'm not sure about the declawing. I've never had a declawed cat before. If it is done, it would happen once he is in the house, and only after I am sure that he would be content to live there and never get outside, AND if scratching was a problem.

KarenTX said...

There are also tips you can put on their claws. Think Nash would like pink? :o)

Diane Meyer said...

It sounds like you have my luck when it comes to cats. Our outside cats like to climb into the house through the duct work. Having a cat's head pop out through a house vent will wake you up faster than coffee lol. Good luck and look forward to reading more.

A Novel Woman said...

When they talk about "declawing" a cat, what they mean is amputating the first joint of their toes. It's pretty awful. They are in a lot of pain, and it affects the way they walk and move. They use their claws to stretch their legs and shoulders. It can traumatize the cats pretty badly.

Seriously, I have had cats for years and if you clip their claws with pet nail clippers, they will not damage the furniture. They can still stretch and move and walk properly, but the pointy tips are clipped off, so they won't pull threads on furniture or carpets.