Sunday, June 16, 2013

Makes me happy.

It did not rain too much today.
That made me happy.

Something else made me happy.
Once upon a time there was a very rich land owner in Pa, who brought over an Scottish stone mason who built this house here in 1841. It was a small gatehouse for a larger estate, which I have a photo of, but stinking blogger will not let me add it. Which doesn't make me happy, BTW.
 I have sadly watched this house fall into disrepair, and it seemed so very sad to me.
I often wished that I was rich, because I would have totally taken on this house.
It would have made me happy.
I was thrilled to hear that after at least a decade, this old place is being renovated.
It made me way happy.

 I tried to capture this, but failed.
Which did not make me happy.
This window is ancient, riddled with imperfections. Just beautiful.
This is my neck of the woods.

The Allegheny river (flowing around an island).
I live along the Conewango creek which flows into this river.

Just some random shots from my neck of the woods.


BUSH BABE said...

Seeing bits of your world - through your eyes, your lense, your words - makes me happy.
Full stop!

Kelly said...

Your neck of the woods is quite lovely!