Wednesday, May 1, 2013

William's Place

 William comes and spends the night, sometimes. He is too big for his pack and play, and so we had to figure out what to do...we have bed rooms upstairs, but he is too little to be upstairs in a bed while we sleep downstairs. We want him sleeping on the same floor as us, but there is really no place for a bed. What to do?
 Then I saw a toddler bed.
This little sweet thing was small enough to fit in the corner of the office. Add a little table and chair set, and a book shelf full of his favoite toys...voila...William has his own little spot. I cannot wait for him to see it!


Anonymous said...

What a neat space for William!

BUSH BABE said...

LOVE the giant footy too!!!
Lucky William.

jeanie said...

That looks like something a little boy would LOVE!!

Kelly said...

He can't help but love it with Pooh there to welcome him. :)