Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Second helping of humble pie...

So I'm rushing around trying to get stuff done. I get home from work, eat supper and show the apartment (why do people make appointments, beg for a chance to look at the apartment and then not show?!! but I digress.)

Nash is back, and he's living on the second story balcony for right now, with his own little stairs to go down and up. I've got him a nice warm nest set up in a cat carrier. We'll get him prospotted and neutered and he'll be ready to come inside.

I finally found out which flavor catfood he likes - Flaked Tuna - so after the apartment showings (and the no shows), I ran into the grocery to pick up 5 cans and two bottles of diet pepsi that I use to bribe clients to work hard. (It's amazing what you can accomplish with soda pop.) Anyway, I went to the register and the cashier said, "Do you have your savings card?" And I said, proudly, "This time, I do!" (because I almost never do) and I handed it to her. She laughed. I went to swipe my debit card, and had some difficulties. I said, "I remembered the card, but I don't have my glasses."

To which the young whippersnapper said, "They're on your head."

After that humiliation, I was walking out of the store, when I saw a friend. I said, "Well, I've managed to mortify myself in the Bilo." She came very close to ROPL (rolling on the pavement laughing). 

There is that old saying: "I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you." Your very best friends are the ones who laugh AT you, but love you anyway.

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quid said...

Don't know what I'd do if friends didn't laugh at me.
All that self-deprecatory humor I practice would be wasted if people only laughed with me.