Friday, May 10, 2013

Mountaintop Week.

Life is a real mixed bag, isn't it?

I've had my struggles, and I've tried to be unflinching about them here. It's been a difficult spring, humiliating. Raised a lot of doubts, but this week has been one mountaintop experience after another. I see things. I notice.

Today, I discovered, quite by accident, how to stimulate finger flexion/extension in a hand that has barely functioned. I watched in awe as her fingers opened and closed, opened and closed. That was quite a write up.

Today, I was asked my opinion on someone that is supposed to be sensory defensive, yet as I walked in, I saw that the very opposite was true. He is sensory seeking. I knew it. I saw it immediately. I pointed this out to the staff and demonstrated my theory. They watched, and they talked between themselves. They saw that I was right. It changes the entire treatment plan. That was another write up.

Today, I was scrambling to get all my data entered, because it was crazy busy. Crazy. I worked like a mad woman, and got it all done.

As I darted by a room, I heard an employee talking to another employee. "That is a really, REALLY smart girl! Wow!" With a shock, I realized that I was overhearing a conversation about myself.

I did a little stutter step, regained my composure, and continued down the hall.

I felt like I saw a me I never saw before.


A Novel Woman said...

Reading these posts is like watching a flower blooming after too many winters hiding in the dark.

clapping madly!!

Scotty said...

Awesome, Debby! Makes you feel good inside when you know you're making a difference, eh?


jeanie said...

It is fantastic. A few posts earlier, you said you had spent 55 years seeking outside positive feedback - it seems that now you have stood back from that search, it is finding you. :)

I get that.