Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morning has broken

The little cat was stretched out on my side porch, comfortably surveying his world. I believe the choosing cat has made his choice.

When I went out to greet him, he got up to come into the house, as if he belonged there, but before this can happen, he's got to be de-flea'd. I felt terrible to tell him no. I gave him his 9-Lives. He sniffed at it, and looked at me in a disappointed way, but seemed to decide that he could tolerate such a mean food and began to eat. I will try a different brand next time.

I have not decided on his name yet.

I had a very nice birthday yesterday, and today is our 15th anniversary. It is raining outside, and my vegetables needed a good soaking rain, so I am grateful for that. Still, the sound of the rain hitting the roof of my little office is a little seems to be counteracting my caffeine.

I. Must. Move.


Kelly said...

Happy anniversary to you and Tim, and belated good birthday wishes to you!

KarenTX said...

Happy Anniversary! Yep, I think you have definitely been picked as the cat's new home. Congratulations! :o)

BUSH BABE said...

Happy Anniversary you guys.
And I can tell you know, this cat is going to rule your lives (don't read that last bit to Tim though, okay?)