Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How William liked his New Bed

Karen asked how William liked his new bed.  Well, truth be told, it was an exciting day. He not only had a new bed, but he had some new puzzles. He was introduced to a jack-in-the-box. He had a new wooden firetruck with rubber wheels.

When he got to the house, he looked the situation over, popped his binky to one side of his mouth and said, "Firetruck." I handed it to him, and he took off to run it back and forth while making engine noises, and siren noises, and the like.

I popped the binky out of his mouth and got him to the table, but he raised cain about eating supper, because he did not want to stop playing with his truck.

In an attempt to stave off the 'binky demands', I took him outside (yep. With the firetruck...not letting go of that...) and asked him whether he wanted to ride in the wagon. Turns out he did. He and his firetruck.

We went out for a walk and met another little boy being pulled in a wagon just like William's, and that was a bit of excitement right there, Brody being older, and more aware. William eyed Brody's wheels and didn't have much to say about it, although Brody went on for some time, introducing himself and his aunt, and talking about wagons and such. William yelled, "Bye-bye," as we continued on our way.

We went to the store to get dish soap and scrubbies for a pot. William got lifted out of his wagon, but brought his firetruck along with. He talked a blue streak.

It cracks me up that he answers questions now. I saw a pair of Lightning McQueen shoes, and I said, "Do you like these William?" He looked and squinched up his face and made the noise he makes when he doesn't approve, sort of a cross between a gag and a fart. We did not get the shoes.

He did set up quite a petition when he saw a windchime with a moon. "Moon. Bells. Me. Mine. Bells. Moooooooon, memaw!" He got them because I'm a terrible and weak person.

We went out to the wagon with our purchases, and I got him settled (and his little firetruck too). We came home the long way, and we talked about bells and moons and firetrucks. We saw a cat who came right up to us to say hello.

By the time we got home, he was ready for supper.

There was playtime.

Then he came up and asked for Winnie the Pooh, our bedtime tradition. I plugged it in knowing he was winding down, and we had his bedtime snack. He began to request his binky. I said, firmly, "No. Binkies are for when you are ready to go to bed." He pondered this.

He said, "Binky."

I gave him his binky, and he went straightaway to his little bed. He pulled the blankets back, and climbed in. He pulled the blankets up over him and laid down, and that was that.

I gave him a few minutes and checked, and he was sound asleep.

We took the binky away, and he slept through the night.

He woke up the next morning and lay for a time in his little bed, smiling sleepily.

Yes, Karen. Pretty sure he likes his bed.

PS: he didn't have a bink for the rest of the morning.

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KarenTX said...

Love it! So glad he liked his bed and the firetruck! Especially the firetruck. LOL So funny when hey want to carry things around constantly. And Memaw? Don't think you are a softy for buying him the windchime. I think my daughter is cringing when she thinks about how much of a softy I'm going to be! :o)