Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Day

I was getting ready for bed Saturday night when I heard the unmistakable sound of the back door opening. I hissed to Tim, "Someone just walked in the house!" and Tim said, unperturbed, "Well, you'd better go check it out."

I knew then that he was in on it, and I went in to the kitchen to see Cara with a bouquet of flowers. "Surprise!" she said. "Happy Mother's Day!"

It was exciting. William was already here, sound asleep. He had a very busy day. That morning, he had cried like crazy when I vacuumed. I had been pondering the idea for a while, but I said, "William, we're going shopping." He looked very interested. I said, "We're going to get William a vacuum cleaner of his very own." And he got very still. He looked at me and said, in the most reasonable little voice, "Memaw. I don't like vacuum." Then he added helpfully, "Like truck."
We went to the store. We bought a very realistic vacuum. Well. Realistic except for the color. It even is battery operated and makes a humming noise. William was hugely excited about the box and held it tightly all through the store, talking non-stop. When we got it home and took it out of the box, well, he cried and scrambled for the couch. After he sat on my lap for awhile, he decided it was safe enough. He began to play with it. And then he said, "Memaw? This not your vacuum, (pointing to himself) this Willnan vacuum." And I said that it was. He stood there and he said, "Memaw?" And I said, "Yes, William?" and he said, "I LIKE this vacuum." He cracks me up.

William was here, asleep, and now Cara was home.

The next day after church, I made pepperoni rolls to celebrate. Buddy and Brianna came to join us. Mike stopped in after work. I got more flowers and cards than anyone had a right to.

At the end of the day, Cara was drinking coffee to wake up for her drive home. I was putting the kitchen back to rights. She said, "Sit down." I said, "Just a minute..." and she said, "I'm only here for a short time. Savor the moment."

She was right.

 I did.


KarenTX said...

How cute is he? So glad you had all your little chicks around you. I had a nice day, too.

Kelly said...

I hope if I ever come to visit that you'll make me pepperoni rolls. I'll sit in the kitchen and keep you company while you do. Deal?

Nancy's Point said...

Hi Debby,

What a lovely post to read this Monday morning. Love the idea of buying the vacuum for the little guy - but hear you about the pink, sort of sexist, right?

So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

Debby said...

Absolutely IS a deal. Stop and grab Bob and Susan on your way through! It will be a pepperoni party.

Bob Barbanes: said...

Dear Lord! A kid that likes vacuuming and shopping?? Get that boy a strong male role model, STAT! I'm not huge into assigning specific gender identities (hey, if a boy wants an Easy-Bake Oven who am I to judge?). But please! Couldn't you have bought him the vacuum *AND* a truck? I mean, what's next? Is he gonna put on a black leotard and dance around to Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video? I'd be worried.

Dr. Barbanes Prescribes: A full day of watching John Wayne movies, some WWE wrestling and monster truck racing. And maybe some Monday Night Football as well before going night-night. Oh wait- scratch that last - we need to find something *less* gay for him to watch than professional football. ...Aaaand WWE wrestling too for that matter. AAAARRRGGHHHH!

Debby said...

Deep cleansing breaths Bob. It will be okay...he also likes fishing, Thomas the Train, and Spiderman, and everything becomes a truck. He makes very manly motor noises. He helps Gompa fix things. By this I mean Gompa spends a lot of time trying to figure out where William took one tool or another.